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How can I stop my neighbor from blowing the snow from his driveway on to my property?

New Castle, PA |

The property line is the edge of his driveway. Our house is approximately five feet from the property line. The other edge of the driveway is against his house.

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Wait until summer.

No, sorry, could not resist. That sounds like a tough situation and so you should start by asking the neighbor to discuss the matter in a cool calm rational matter. If the neighbor is any kind of a human being, you should be able to discuss what can be done to adjust the blowing of the snow. After trying that approach, which you should, then send certified correspondence pointing out that this is not only a trespass, which results in automatic damages, but also a nuisance, which is an unreasonable interference with your use and enjoyment of property.

Try to work it out with the neighbor. I can't imagine a judge anywhere that wants to step into the middle of this.

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