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How can I stop my Landlord from harassing me?

Schiller Park, IL |

I am a month-to-month tenant who has fallen behind on her rent as a result of an unexpected illness. I received a 30-day notice on July 13th, and ever since then my landlord has been harassing me. My Landlord called my work yesterday (Government Employed) and told my co-workers that I have unpaid rent and wants to be paid. He also told my neighbors that I have unpaid rent and now they no longer speak to me, and avoid me when I come outside. He sometimes appears on the property without notice at late hours. One Saturday afternoon he came over and pounded on my door, shouting that I was going to be thrown out, and my things were going to be taken. I didn’t answer hoping he would go away. His latest threat is that I must be out by Sunday, August 1st, or the Sheriff will arrest me.

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Attorney answers 2


It sounds like payment of rent would stop the landlord making demands.

Even if you move out, the landlord may still keep after you for the rent you owe, so moving away is not an option that will end the demands.

Since your lease requires payment, the way to stop the demands to pay the owed rent is to pay the owed rent.


And of course while your failure to meet the terms of your tenancy is no excuse for the landlord's conduct (which may also violate your leasehold rights), it gives you a good idea of what the landlord will be like if you stayed on and anything else interfered with your rental obligations....