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How can I stop my car from being towed from my residence?

Yucca Valley, CA |

At the same time as receiving a 30 day novice to move there is a sticker on one of my cars that it will be towed if not moved by the 24th. The car is the one I registered with. My lease says that no non-operative vehicles can be parked here, but it will only take a battery and possibly some fuses to get it operational. I owe more than it is worth and would prefer a voluntary repossession than towed and be responsible for more debt. I am on disability and cannot afford to make any payment on the car nor can I afford to fix the minor problems. I cannot call the lien holder until Monday which is already the deadline for removal of the vehicle.

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Pay for your own tow to take the car somewhere else temporarily. Push the car to another location. Get a non-op on the car from the DMV. Get the car tagged.

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Lauren Elicia Womack

Lauren Elicia Womack


Moving the vehicle will prevent having it towed for now. But getting a non-op on the vehicle from the DMV will be a better (long term) option. On Monday you should also contact the lein holder and inform it of the situation and your desire to voluntarily return the vehicle. That way you can cover both bases. If the lein holder is able to repossess the car quickly you won't have to worry about having it potentially towed. If they do not, you will have the non-op from the DMV to protect you until the lien holder can collect the property. Good luck Lauren E. Womack, Esq.



I got a jump and drove it to another location for a day. Then jumped again and drove it to my son's house. BTW, I called the lien holder and they said although I would still be responsible for the debt they no longer reposess vehicles and am sending me the title. When I asked them what I can do with the car, they said it was up to me.


This really is a landlord tenant question. But the best option would be to get it moved, even if legally parked on the road off the private property. This is just a temporary fix. Eventually, the car will be tagged and towed if it does not run.
This may give you some time to line out an option.
Best of luck to you.