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How can i stop mt girlfriend from being charged with domestic violence

Vancouver, WA |

me and my girlfriend got into an arguement that turned alittle violent and she bit me the cops came out and said shes the aggresor and she went to jail this is not what i want i want the charge dropped what can i say to get this resolved

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Attorney answers 1


Once an incident has been reported, and a charge filed, there is little a "victim" can do. It is out of your hands. It is up to the prosecutor whether or not they will contiue forward with an unwilling victim.

There are a few different things that can happen.

1- the charge will be prosecuted anyway. A lot of times, prosecutors will view uncooperative victims as being afraid due to repeated abuse, and prosecute the charge anyway.

2- the matter will be set for trial and depending on whether or not the prosecutor believes they will prevail at trial without a victim, the matter may go to trial, be resolved, or dismissed.

3- the prosecutor will take a look at the history between the parties and of the individual charged and make an offer to negotiate the charge.

What you can do, is get a hold of the victim's advocate. It is their job to speak with you and then relay your concerns to the prosecutor and court. If you have no safety concerns, let them know that.

Bottom line is you, have no control over the charge being dropped.