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How can I stop ex-husband taking me to court for frivolous matters.

Voorhees, NJ |

He keeps filing pro se for reimbursement of education expenses for our son..who is now 19. His contributions were set by Family court and I have provided him will all receipts and "proof" of costs. Last time was a month ago when the judge advised him that he was in the wrong. He's filed another for this month wanting reimbursement for charges he accrued when child support and education expenses were taken from his paycheck. Apparently, there is a fee for that.
The only reason payment was taken from his check is because he never paid on time, missed payments, etc so family court had it taken directly from his pay.
Our son is not in college anymore and will be going in the Navy. Meanwhile, I'm going broke paying lawyer fees answering these darned claims in court.

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Attorney answers 2


When you respond to your ex-husband's claims, you have the right to request that the Court order him to reimburse you for your reasonable counsel fees in connection with that action. After your ex-husband finds himself having to pick up the tab for your counsel fees once or twice, he will probably back off. You should discuss this with your attorney.


A stronger tactic, but one that should be used sparingly, is to file your own motion for sanctions. You can point out that his motions are merely intended to harass and cost you money and have no merit to them. I think if the judge is following the case and remembers his other rulings, this might succeed.

You should definitely consult with your attorney before making this motion.