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How can I stop a neighbor from trespassing and harassing me?

Allentown, PA |

My neighbors continue to trespass on my property despite my posting it and sending a certified no trespass letter. They have filed false complaints with the city which were dismissed at an administrative hearing. Literally every time we go in our backyard they open their door and stand glaring at us. Their friend threatened me with homosexual rape. They shine lights in our windows. They have come on our property and cut down vegetation. My bicycle was stolen off my porch. Our car was "keyed". There are loud bangs on the side of our house at night. The police refuse to do anything.

Would a cease and desist letter from an attorney be helpful or do I need to take some kind of court action?

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Yes. If the letter fails to work, you may need to hire an attorney to obtain a restraining order. You will need evidence.

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