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How can i stay out of jail on a violation of Fl. state probation thats being supervivesed by Ga.

Atlanta, GA |

i was arrested in Fl. for felony grand theft 11/2 years ago with 1 prior misterminor of peti theft on my record when i was 19 im now 36 i was given 18 months state probation and had it transford to Ga. for supervion because thats where i live i am awaiting a court date in Ga. for another grand theft case that happend apox 2 1/2 years ago and now i violated my probation what a dummy! but what will happen to me ?is there any hope ? i have 3 chilren at home and my husband barley makes the bills so much for trying the wrong way to help him i just made matters worse please HELP my family they realy need me what can i do?

will i be extradited back to Florida? if i do go to jail apox. how long will i i need to stay there? i need advise on the best way to handel this matter. I can make payments for a lawyer please help!

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You face the possibility of having your Florida case violated and may be extradited back to Florida. If you have a warrant from Florida you may sit in a Georgia jail waiting to be extradited. Much of what will happen to you depends on what you did to violate your probation, failed drug test, new felony, etc. You will need a lawyer in Florida for the probation violation.

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