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How can i sponcer an illigal immagrant so they can work in the us legally?how can i get them legal?

Sylacauga, AL |

i know some that has kids here illigal and had babies here so how can i help get them legal as well?there good people and they deserve a chance.i want to get married to an illigal immagrant but want do it until he is legal so i know he realy loves me not for the papers.he hasnt asked to get him legal but i've seen places that said you have to sponcer them so how can i sponcer them and make them legal

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Unless you are his spouse or his employer, you cannot sponsor him for a green card.

Please see


Have these people speak to an immigration lawyer to see if there are any options.

Generally, only an employer or a close family member can sponsor someone - and even then there may not be any practical way to get someone legal, depending on how they entered the U.S. and what other options are available.

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