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How can i set a court date without getting a lawyer?

Port Lavaca, TX |

I haven't seen my daughter since she turned one, she is about to turn four now.
I have tried to see her through the years but the mother of my child has been real difficult making excuses i eventually gave up. im trying to make an effort to see her again but still the same excuses what can i do without getting an attorney to see my daughter on my days

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If there is a court order regarding child custody and your spouse is not allowing you the visitation allocated in your court order, than you can do 2 things, file an enforcement against the other spouse for failure to follow child custody order, which can ask for attorneys fees, fines, penalties and even contempt. Also, if your spouse is in custody of your child during the time you are suppose to have the child, than you can also file a habeus corpus which asks the court to send the police to go get the child and bring the child to court and turn over to you. There is a different between the two, the enforcement seeks remedies for 'past' violations, while habeus corpus seeks remedy of 'current' violation.

Getting an attorney would be advisible because both enforcement and habeus corpus is a delicate and complex process. Also, you can get attorneys fee back, meaning have the other party pay in filing the enforcement.

Sorry for the vague answer, but more facts are needed.

Consult a local family law attorney to assist you.

Good luck and wish you success

Min Gyu Kim (Peter)

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