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How can I serve my husband our divorce papers? He is stationed in California, and I live in Fl with our children.

Miami, FL |

The Sheriffs office where he lives told me that they do not serve divorce papers and that anyone over 18 can serve him, or that he could be served by mail. If I have him served by mail, will Florida accept this, or do I just need to get a process server to serve him?

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First I need to know if he is a Florida Resident. If he has lived in FL within the last 6 months, or he is merely stationed in CA and has never given up his FL residency, you can contact a service processor in CA, fax them the paperwork and have him served. Under these circumstances, you may have to file an Amended Petition for Dissolution and allege service under Florida's Long Arm Statute. Mail is not sufficient for service of the initial Petition. I suggest you contact a local Family Law attorney for further information.


Use a private process server. That is what my firm does with California people upon whom we are serving FL divorce petitions.