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How can i revoke my probation

Marshfield, WI |

i want to know how to revoke myself

I don't want to be on paper no more because my probation officer is and asshole and won't answer any of my questions and he's always yelling at me for no reason i tried to ask him if i could get an out of state transfer and he said no and i asked why and he said i ask the questions not you nobody is answering my questions and i just want to revoke myself and sit the time out and get off paper

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The obvious is commit a violation but what you should do is hire a lawyer to negotiate the terms of what will happen if your probation is revoked. You do not want to be left sitting with wide open punishment, and your lawyer will be able to work something out with either the judge and / or the prosecutor. (You might have been on your probation terminated if you have complied with all of the requirements.)


Why in the world would you do that? Are you looking for free lodging in county jail? Are you hiding from someone? You need to get some competent local legal advice from an attorney right away.

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