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How can I request my husband’s bank statements for our divorce/child support proceedings that are taking place in 9 days?

Willingboro, NJ |

My husband is trying to hide money and employment info from the divorce and child support proceedings. He has never paid anything towards the house or the kids' upbringing since he abandoned us. I am pro se.

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I assume you are currently going through a divorce. If you are, there was a set time frame listed in your Case Management Order that told you when you could request the documents. During a divorce, attorneys use a Notice to Produce, which is served on the other party asking him/her to produce certain items such as bank statements. I also suggest you send a subpoena to the banks to get the statements. As long as your matter is still pending final decision you can subpoena bank records.

Since you only have 9 days before your hearing, either method listed above will not be helpful. You may want to make the Court aware of your concerns and see if you can get additional time to get the documents.

When you represent yourself, it's hard sometimes to know what procedures are available to you in a divorce to get the info you need. Attorneys, of course, know the procedures.


You may also want to try issuing a subpoena and asking for an adjournment. Depending on the judge they may grant your request.

Also, did you previously demand these documents in Discovery? If so, perhaps file a motion for an order to show cause and/or to dismiss their case. It is for this reason that even though you may be doing well on your own, an attorney is really necessary at times.

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You should have each filed a case information statement with attached tax returns. You will need to bring up what you are missing when you appear before the judge.


I agree with Benjamin and Jennifer's answers.

To summarize - there are tools available for you to get this information, but you've waited too long. A subpoena is technically supposed to be responded to in 10 days, but more often than not the bank or credit card company requests additional time to comply.

It would be advisable to at least get a consultation with an attorney - if you can't afford to retain him./her, they can at least give you blank subpoena (and other discovery forms) to work off of.

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