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How can I request a different Judge?

Canton, GA |

I have been sued for legitimation and full custody of my 3 year old son by his father who has never paid a dime in child support. He has hired a fathers rights lawyer, and I believe the judge we got was requested by her because he is a father's rights advocate too. I have no money for legal help because family is unable to help, and I am unable to work because I take care of my son all day plus go to school online during the week. I have searched for lawyers to help me, only to find out that I have to be incarcerated or have to commit a crime to get legal aid. What do I do?

I have called the state bar association and they referred me to my local county bar. Upon calling them I learned that I have to commit a crime to get legal representation. I have also been calling different organizations but I have always come to a dead end. I have spoken with several different lawyers who have all asked for a retainer fee ranging anywhere between $2500 all the way up to $7000. I have also spoken to one of the best attorneys in the area who was very up front and honest with me about everything that could possibly happen. Because my ex is so adamant about taking our son, the attorney told me the costs could skyrocket to the tens of thousands of dollars for legal fees. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and don't know where else to turn. I would take out a loan but I have horrible credit. My parents are unwilling to help me, but I feel like they are kind of straddling the fence between me and my son's father.

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It appears you need a pro bon attorney to represent you in the case.
If you qualify, you may fina a lawyer in your area who will represent you pro bon at the Georgia State Bar's Pro Bono Project. Attorneys who sign up represent clients for free. To get more information, you can call the office at (404)527-8762 or (404)527-8763. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

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