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How can I report a lawyers misconduct? What is the best way to expose bad practices? I live in Tx. I would appreciate any info!

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I paid for a lawyer in full. After the lawyer was paid the lawyer would not return my phone calls. The lawyer messed up life changing documents in regards to my case. Now the lawyer will not respond to me. The lawyer did not do their job, and I feel like I have been taken advantage of, and that there is nothing I can do. Any information you can provide would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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If you feel you have a legitimate complaint against an attorney in the handling of your case, you should contact your state's Bar. They can direct you to the adminsitrative body that investigates and evaluates complaints against lawyers.

In order for a lawyer to be found to have committed misconduct, it must be shown that his or her acts have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct. Charges of misconduct must be supported by the facts. Thus, if you merely did not get along with a lawyer and the relationship deteriorated, a Bar complaint may not be the appropriate forum for you to get some satisfaction.


in responding to your hypothetical question and as an exercise in legal education, please follow these suggestions. If there is any interest in trying to resolve the problem with the attorney, contact the State Bar of Texas Client Attorney Assistance Program ( CAAP). This office will communicate with the Texas Attorney in question and request an explanation as to what happened. If the CAAP Office is unable to resolve the conflict, you will be referred to the State Bar of Texas Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel ( OCDC) and you will receive information how you can file a complaint against the attorney. The OCDC can also educate you about filing a claim with the Client Security Fund that may result in a refund or reimbursement for what the attorney charged and collected from you. All of these actions depend on the particular facts of your case, and the remedies available may vary. The CAAP Office can and will explain all of this to you.To make contact with CAAP call: 1+800-204-2222. ext. 1780. Address is: State Bar of Texas P.O. Box 12487 Austin, Texas 78711-2487. The OCDC is contacted by writing P.O. Box 15466, Austin, TX, 78761, or going on line at: These are actions you can take and you will be able to do something. Hope this answers your questions.

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