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How can I renew my Permanent alien card if i have a felony conviction?

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I have lived in the US for 35 yrs since I was 5. got my Permanent status in 1987. I got a felony drug convic in 1996 in San Diego CA. i never had proceedings to deport filed against me. I renewed my card in 2000 and put no for felonies and got my card. It will expire in 2012. i have not be in trouble with the law since. how do i renew without lying on the application.

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If the drug conviction was for possession, then you would be eligible for Cancellation of Removal if the government tries to initiate removal proceedings against you. I highly recommend that you don't lie on the application. If you lie, you can further complicate your case. Furthermore, I recommend that you consult with an immigration lawyer before you attempt to file any form with the Immigration Service.

Best of luck.

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