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How can I remove someone from my property that i have not rented to?

Houston, TX |

I let one of my brothers put a trailer on my property for storage purposes. I found out he is letting our half brother and his wife live there. They will not leave my property and say i have to evict them. Is this true, even if they were never given permission by me the property owner to stay there?

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Unfortunately, the concept of "squatting" is a real problem. In most cases like this--or even when you have a legitimate landlord-tenant dispute, the police will not offer any help and direct you to the civil eviction process. While you can handle an eviction by yourself, it is always better to hire an attorney who knows the law. The law provides certain steps you must follow to properly evict someone--otherwise, you can open yourself up to claims from the person living on the property (no matter how unfair it sounds). If you are in Harris County, the justice court (JP court) website offers valuable resources concerning eviction cases ( If you plan to evict someone without an attorney, I suggest you read up on the relevant law applicable to evictions and familiarize yourself with the proper steps. Good luck!

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If they are trespassers you can have the police remove them. However if they are residents you will have to go through the civil eviction process. Receiving mail at the residence will probably be enough for the police to decline to help. Consult with a landlord-tenant attorney asap. Good luck.

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Your situation is a bit messy because you own the land, but not the dwelling. You could make trespass charges, but I don't think you can evict.

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