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How can I remove someone from my house title without their permission?

Phoenix, AZ |

The co-owner of my home and childrens father got into drugs about a year ago and I havent spoken to him since. They have gone MIA and no one can find him including his family. He hasnt lived in the property for 4 years and only lived there the first year. I have made all payments on this house since he moved out as well as major home repairs. How can I go about selling this property if I cant find him?

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I would suggest hiring a private investigator/people locator service first. If you find him, send him a quitclaim deed to get his name off. If you can't find him or he doesn't return the deed, then file a quiet title action and ask the court to extinguish his interest based on the costs you have paid over the last several years. You will have to serve him by publication if he cannot be found.

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