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How can I remove my name off of a cars' registration if I dont drive it?

Miami, FL |

I am in Florida. My baby's father and I have recently broke up and I purchased a car for him. When we went to register the car I put it on my name because he didnt want to put his name on because he was on probation (not a valid reason). So I agreed to put my name on the title. So now I am getting all of these parking violations, citations and sunpass violations, and toll by plate invoices. The other situation is that when we got the title it was since October 25, 2010 and he has been getting paper tags since and we are in May now and he has fake insurance on the car with my name...I dont want to deal with him and I dont want to involve police into this but my back is against the wall right now. Help!

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This is tough. As far as I know, you cannot really take your name offf a car you own. I'm saying the car has to be registered and owned and the title must be in someone's same. You are going to go broke letting someone else drive your car. If he parks it somewhere and leaves it or he gets too many tickets, then you will have to pay to get it out of the impound...What if he slams into someone drunk or on drugs or just for being a bad driver AND YOU knowing he is a bad driver could get sued for negligent entrustment. Get your car back. Ask firmly, then ask him very firmly, then if he won't bring it back he has essentially absconded with your car and you call the police, but after you send emails and text message and written certified mail to prove you asked for the car back. No one will just take your word for it that you asked him. He will deny it and say "she told me I could use it."


You will not be able to remove your name from the registration if you are the owner of the car unless you and your ex go to the tag agency and you transfer ownership of the car to him. This would only be possible if you own the car outright (no bank loan) and if he would agree to do it. It sounds, however, like he is perfectly content just driving it with absolutely no worries.

I recommend that you demand that he return the car that you own (make sure to document your requests as the attorney above stated). If he refuses to return the car, you will have no other choice but to go to the authorities.

Best of luck.

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