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How can I remove my ex husbands name from my car registration if he doesn't want to sign it?

Atlanta, GA |

My ex husband is the co-signer of my car and both names are on the registration. He doesn't want to sign and I cannot sell it or do anything with my car without his signature. During our divorce we agreed that I would keep the car and remove his name from the loan in 60 days. Because of credit issues (I am foreigner and didn't have enough credit history at that time) he allowed me to keep the car without any changes. Now, two years later, I've been paying on time and I want to sell the car and he simply doesn't want to sign. He doesn't even answer me. Have no idea which options I have. I contacted DMV and Nissan and both told me that I will need his signature. Anything else I could do through Court to force him to do what we agreed in the divorce?

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Motion to show cause or for contempt filed by an experienced attorney. Good luck.

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If he agreed in your divorce agreement and refuses, it is best to get help from your divorce attorney.