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How can I remove an adult child from my home?

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No contributions to the household (rent, cleaning, utilities) and is verbally abusive. There is a grandchild involved. I've asked my child to leave often, then comes the apologies and promises to calm down, and life is calm for short periods of time. This has been going on for 5 years and is affecting my health. The home environment becomes toxic, and my grandchild is the mediator. This is not healthy for any of us. What can I do legally?

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Not paying rent or contributing to bills for the residence means the person is not a tenant. I would file an unlawful detainer action in county court. It's essentially the same thing as an eviction, however, an eviction is for a tenant and not a "guest" that refuses to leave.

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If your child is residing with you, and his/her I.D. documents, driver's license, etc., reflect your address, it may be wise to file eviction proceedings against him/her to make sure all is done properly.

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If your child is not paying rent, the child is not a tenant and cannot be evicted. However, you can bring an action for either unlawful detainer (for which there is an expedited process) or ejectment (for which there is not an expedited process) to have your child removed. You should contact an experienced real estate lawyer in your area to represent you in this process.

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