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How can I remove a lis pendens?

Pasadena, CA |

A lis pendens was recorded in chula vista court for a property that was being foreclosed on. The lawsuit against the banks was dismissed pursuant to a settlement and the settlement stated that the lis pendens has to be removed. How do I do that?

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Assuming you are the one who recorded the lis pendens as part of your lawsuit againt the lender, you have to record a Notice of Withdrawal of Notice of Pending Action (See CIv Code 405.5) Below is a link to a sample form notice.

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Jorge A Pena

Jorge A Pena


Dear Sir. Your link does not work.

Richard Alan Rodgers

Richard Alan Rodgers


Trfy this:


I assume that you recorded the lis pendens and now you have to release it. Ask counsel for the party most interested in having it released to send you the form he wants you to sign and return it to him/her for recordation. If they will not do that then you will have to draft the release and record it yourself in the office of the county recorder where the lis pendens was recorded.

YOu should be able to find a form with some internet research.


Recording a notarized Notice of Withdrawal of Notice of Pending Action will remove the lis pendens.

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