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How can i remove a executor from a will,this person is lying,and also using credit cards of the deceased she is stealing

Cincinnati, OH |

she has not done the proper thing to handle the thing that was oppionted to her we are getting deeper and deeper she also stole wy moms ideniety

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You will have to file a motion with the Probate Court to have the person removed as executor. The things you describe are good reasons for removing an executor. If you have good evidence that the executor is stealing, the Probate Court will probably remove her. You may also take whatever proof you have of the executor's misusing credit cards or stealing money or your Mom's identity to the police or your county Prosecutor. They can investigate and prosecute if there is really theft or fraud going on. Either way, make sure you have good evidence of what you claim the executor is doing. If you just make an allegation but don't back it up with any proof, the Probate Court and the police or Prosecutor will probably think that you are just a family member who is unhappy with the way your Mom wanted her estate to be divided.