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How can I receive a pardon/expungement for a reckless endangerment PBJ that is prohibiting me from receiving employment.

Baltimore, MD |

my charges was assult 1 and 2, failure to injure with a weapon, and reckless endangerment. i was found NOT guilty for those, but received pbj for a reckless endangerment for 6 months .. this need to be removed so i can receive employment in my field of work .PLEASE HELP

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PBJ's are eligible for expungement as at charges that end up being not guilty or dismissed. After you have finished your probation period is when you may file for the expungement. There are forms online that you can fill out at . Or you can have an attorney do it for you. I would be happy to speak with you further if you would like to call or email. - This is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This is for education and informational purposes only. It is always recommended that you contact an attorney with any concerns as each individual case is unique.


You might not need a pardon, because PBJ is usually eligible for expungement, which would clear that up the public record anyway. Information about expungement is available on the forms tab for District Court at An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you evaluate the prosecution's case, any defenses that you might have, and any plea offer that might be made, so that you can decide whether to go to trial. Consider seeking a confidential consultation.

Information in the reply is provided as a public service. It is neither a comprehensive statement of the law nor legal advice, and no one should rely on it as such. If you have a legal problem or question, you should consult with an attorney, who can investigate the particular circumstances of your situation. Responding to a post does not constitute legal representation. I am not your lawyer, until we make an agreement and I receive my fee. Beware that posts and replies are not confidential. Anyone can read them.


Not guilty charges normally can be expunged immediately, but if they were charged along with other offenses arising out of the same incident, then expungement depends on whether the other charges can be expunged, if at all. So long as you received a pbj on the only other related charge, then you can expunge all of the charges at once at such time as you are eligible to expunge the pbj charge. Generally, you have to wait three years to expunge a pbj charge, but it is possible to expunge it sooner so long as you have successfully completed your probation. Contact a lawyer if you are unsure how to proceed.


Normally you need to wait three years from the date you received the PBJ in order to apply for expungement, but if you can show "good cause" -- such as the impact on your job -- you can apply earlier. There is no harm in applying earlier.


Persons who receive a PBJ are eligible for expungement three years after the expiration of probation. Someone automatically eligible likely can do it themselves by filling out the forms and paying the filing fee. If someone is seeking an early expungement, then a petition must be filed with the court and a hearing set, where an attorney may be of great assistance.

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