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How can I prove domestic abuse and harassment allegations against an ex at a hearing?

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I have a restraining order against an ex. He grabbed my son's collar and shook him around, used swear words, and made him feel as though he couldnt tell me. I called child protection, informed his supervisor as he is an unpaid volunteer where I work. Since then, he has been calling me non stop thru blocked numbers. He reported to the police that I said I want to kill myself which is a lie. He said he would harm me if I didn't come to my senses. And also threatened to kick me in the stomach if I were to get pregnant. I got the restraining order but he is now asking for a continuance to get a lawyer. Am I supposed to get a lawyer? I have the child protection paperwork, the incident report regarding my son, and recorded calls that really only prove harassment. What evidence do I need to help

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Retaining an attorney is your choice, but it is probably a good idea to attorney handle the case. In order to prove it you will need to testify in front of a judge and tell him/her about everything. Also, if you kept phone logs of each time he called you and what he said, that would be helpful. The are many strategies to use in going about to win the case.


There are many domestic violence service providers in the twin cities who can help you with an advocate and possibly with a pro bono attorney through OFP hearings.

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