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How can I protect my son from his verbally and emotionally abusive step mom?

Bainbridge Island, WA |

My son's stepmother has done things like physically pull him up the stairs and put him outside, then locked the door when he would not go outside to 'play'. He will be 13 in September. She has also grounded him for months at a time for minor infractions, taken away all of his personal belongings and locked them in the shed for what has been almost a year now, and he now lives with me. His father told him he could choose where to go, and he chose to stay with me. However, when my son visits on weekends, she tries to tell him he cannot read books in her house that she does not approve of, even when his dad and I have given permission. They also took his phone and told him that he would have to pay the remaining balance on it because he was moving to my house.How to make it so she stops?

My ex does everything she tells him to. My oldest son chose to move in with me as well, and my ex does not pay any child support. I now have both children full time. My middle son still lives with his dad because he wants to be close to his baby sister. I told my ex, after the most recent episode with my youngest son and his step mom, that he did not have to be around her. I did not tell him he could not see my son. I told him the conditions under which he would be allowed to be around her: his items must be returned, he must be taken off the months long grounding, he does not have to work to 'earn' the money to pay for the remainder of the cell phone plan. He said he would show up at my house with the sherrif, and I told him that was fine, but that I wasn't stopping him from seeing his dad. I just wanted his dad to make his wife stop abusing my son. They don't see it as abuse, however.

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