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How can I protect my children from a verbally/ physically abusive stepmother?

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I divorced in 2012 after 4 years of being separated. Recently i suffered a medication reaction to my depression medication an attempted suicide. After i returned home ( 3 days of hospital) i was suppose to pick up my children from and he didn't answer. I had to call the local authorities to bring them home im the primary caregiver. The children had been coming home for months complaining of their stepmother.s verbal abuse. She told my 9 yr old she was fat, my daughter stopped eating for days. I got a call from my ex saying my 14 yr old got into a physical fight after her "touched her son inappropriately" my sons denied it completely. She made him say he was gay and needed a counselor. I kept them home an they refuse to see him especially my son. The children have told me to much to ignore

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You need to either file for enforcement or modification of the parenting plan, depending on what it says and get a plan that puts in an appropriate resolution. I can think of several possibilities. This sounds like one of those case where you will most likely need an attorney. Certainly you should at least consult with one to review your current paperwork and go over all the facts with you so you can discuss your options.

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