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How can I obtain legal residency in United states if I am undocumented?

Hollywood, FL |

I came to US on 2001 and I've been reporting my taxable income under ITIN number and have social security funds under the government which I give every year. I am not married to a US citizen nor have US children.

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More information is necessary to be able to evaluate your options.


Questions for you:

1. How did you get to the United States;
2. Are you married to a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident;
3. Do you have any United States citizen or lawful permanent resident children;
4. Has a family member ever filed a family based petition on your behalf;
5. Has an employer ever filed a labor certification on your behalf;
6. Do you have any fear of returning to your native country;
7. Do you have a criminal convictions or pending criminal charges;
8. Are either of your parents United States citizens;
9. Have you ever been in deportation proceedings; and
10. Have you ever claimed to be a United States citizen of lied to obtain an immigration benefit.

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The main paths to residency are through work or family. Of course the fact that you've been out of status would make seeking work-related options nearly impossible. There are less common avenues for victims of crimes, etc, but it's not apparent from your question whether this would apply to you.

Te truth is that under current laws, your chances of legalizing without a family connection are very low.

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Cannot be determined on the scant information you have provided.

You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer, whether myself or one of my colleagues, to review all the facts, advise you, and handle the case.

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Depending on your age and whether you meet other qualifications ,you may qualify for a work permit.

The only path to residency would be through family or employment. If you came in undocumented with limited exceptions, you will not be able to adjust status (change to a green card holder/ obtain residency while remaining in the) US but will be forced to complete the process outside of the US and will face a time bar from reentering unless you can show extreme hardship to a qualifying family member.

Meet with an immigration attorney who can review the specific facts of your case.

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