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How can I obtain a hearing to probate a will?

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I have the DE-310 form filled out and I'm ready to file it. However, I don't know the hearing date. I'm assuming the court will contact me with a hearing date upon receipt of this filed document.

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You'll need to prepare a Notice of Hearing (form DE-120)and bring it with you when you file your Petition to Determine Succession to Real Property. The court will file in the date, time and department or room. You must serve copies on all who are entitled to notice and file the Notice with the court once you have completed the proof of service.

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I agree with Ms. Meagher-Leonard. If you plan to mail these forms to the Probate Court, make sure you two-hole punch them (or the forms will be returned to you unfiled!). Enclose extra copies for the Court to return to you "endorsed, file stamped". Also enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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Yes you are correct. Once you file the Petition to Determine Succession of Real Property (DE-310), the court will assign a hearing date.

Also as the attorneys above have stated, you will also need to serve the Notice of Hearing (DE-120) on interested parties and file your proof of service with the court when you have served the parties.

It is also important to note that the DE-310 is a small estates administration procedure used for estates involving real property and personal property valued at $150,000 or less. Therefore you will likely need to contact a probate referee to have an Inventory and Appraisal (DE-160) done on the estate to establish the value.

A Petition for Probate of a Will (DE-111) is typically used for probate if the estate does not fall under an available small estate administration procedure.

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