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How can I notify IRS my change of address, and check the status of my form 8316?

Houston, TX |

I'm a F1 student and was erroneously withheld social security and medicare tax.
I filed form 8316 to IRS in Ogden, UT (different from federal tax return, which was files to Austin, TX).
I filed the return in March, changed my address in May, and now is August and I haven't received that part of tax return.
1. I know I can write to the address at Austin, TX.
Do I also need to write to Ogden, UT? (I was hoping they have a shared database so to save my energy... )
2. Can I check the status of this refund like the federal tax return?
Federal tax return can be tracked online, but I didn't see anything like this for my erroneous withheld social and medicare taxes.

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Did you file a change of address form with the US Postal Service? If not, then it may be possible that the IRS answered your correspondence and sent it to your old address. Your best bet is to walk into your local IRS office and talk to someone face to face. The IRS representative can trace your Form 8316 in the IRS' database and tell you if it is still being processed. He/she can also update your address on the IRS' records.

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Oscar Javier Ornelas

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Agree with Mr. Ornelas - and you can also contact the IRS directly to check the status either via phone or online.

Good luck.

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