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How can I negotiate for a diversion program in the Los Angeles Courthouse?

Van Nuys, CA |

I am suspected for misdemeanor. I am scared that this might appear on my record. I am willing to travel land and sea to get a diversion program. I was told that Los Angeles courthouse only offers diversion programs for drug cases, but I read a post for an attorney recommending a defendant to push for a diversion program. This is my first time offense. I am a hard science student and I was planning to work as a scientist for any of the following entities: the state of California, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, or even Los Angeles City or San Diego City.

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Most courts have diversion programs for this kind of offense. It usually involves some educational courses about the dangers of this kind of conduct. Once completed a court may require you to stay out of trouble for six months or a year then dismiss the case. A lawyer familiar with the Van Nuys Court will know all of the alternatives. You want to get yourself a local lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the Van Nuys court.

Don't be discouraged I think with some effort you'll be able to work something out where your record will be cleaned up through a diversion program or some other arrangement.

If you can afford a lawyer then you should get one. If not address this issue with the public defender who will be appointed on your case.

Every case is different. Specific facts of your case must be applied before relying on an answer to a general question. The answer given here is a general statement of the law on the issue that you presented in your question.


Diversion programs are available in most courthouses for other non-drug offenses. It all depends on your attorney and the DA and the negotiations between them. Depending on the facts of your case, the DA may or may not agree with it. again it all comes down to negotiations.

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Lisa Henderson Mattern

Lisa Henderson Mattern


Sharon is right. An experienced attorney thinks outside the box. You should contact a lawyer to help you. Many offer free consultations.


I regularly handle 647(b) cases out of VN. No diversion programs, but other solutions if handled properly. Call me if you'd like to discuss.

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I have handled many cases in Van Nuys. Although diversion may not be an option for this charge, there are many other alternatives. I wish you the best.

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