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How can I move out at age 18 in Nebraska without being reported as a runaway?

Lincoln, NE |

I'm 17, almost 18. I live with my mom who has custody. Earlier today I packed up my stuff and left to go to my dads house without telling my mom. After a while she found out where I was and called and said I need to go back home or she will report me as a runaway. I called the non-emergency and they said depending on the custody agreement, I may or may not have to go back but that my dad could get charged with something. We didn't want to take any chances with him getting in trouble so I went back. So now I am wondering how I can go back to my dads house without either of us getting in trouble if my mom calls the police. (the legal age of adulthood in NE is 19)

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You would need to sue your parents for legal emancipation wherein the court will rule you are old enough to fend for yourself.