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How can i marry an illegal immigrant in the US?

Junction City, KS |

I want to marry my boyfriend of 3 years, but the problem is he is an illegal immigrant. I realize this is no fast track to citizenship or anything, but I love him so much and I want to be his wife and have him be my husband. Is there a way we can get a marriage license in the US?

i researched what it takes to get a marriage license and they all say a SSC#, drivers licence or some US id. How do we get around that?

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Of course. Go to your nearest courthouse and ask for the requirements to obtain a marriage license.
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You do not have to be a US Citizen or resident to marry. Think of all of the foreigners that go to Las Vegas and get married, for example? Go together to your local city hall and ask for the requirements. While you need some sort of identification, it does not have to be US issued... While it may be a complicated process to get him legal status, marriage is not yet forbidden based on immigration status! Good Luck!

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Although he may not have legal status, he must have some sort of identification that he has been using. That should be enough to satisfy the requirement in your state for identification. Legal status is not a requirement to get married. Good luck!

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If you are coming up with a big nothing, try to have him at least get a passport from his country. This would be proper ID to get married.