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How can I make sure I don't miss out on a class action lawsuit on Devy University ?

Buford, GA |

Devy University are like vultures when it comes to student loans . They never informed me how much it would cost $ $ $ to attend Devy and your student loans will only pay $ $ . So in other words , they new I wasn't going to have enough in student loans to graduate . Now I owe 50s with out a degree .

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Is that DeVry University? If it is, you can do what I just did -- google "DeVry University" and "class action" and see what pops up. I didn't quickly find a pending class action, but it seems that some dissatisfied students are trying to connect up with other dissatisfied students for some group action including a possible class action. Wikipedia's article on DeVry describes prior legal actions against it for various things, which have had mixed results -

In theory, if there is a pending class action against DeVry, you should receive notice in the mail, but notification processes like that are rarely perfect. If you're determined to pursue this, you should consult with a local litigation attorney, who possibly could represent you individually, who may be interested in seeking to start a class action, or who could give you some definitive advice after a more thorough search whether there's any ongoing litigation that you could benefit from.


I am not aware of any class action against Devry but get on the Internet and see of you can find some information of a class action. Good luck!


Although there have been securities fraud class action lawsuits on behalf of investors in DeVry common stock against DeVry University, I did not find and any pending class action lawsuits on behalf of current or former DeVry University students.

Your question does not provide enough information to determine if you have a valid individual or class claim against DeVry. I recommend that you contact an experienced class action lawyer to evaluate your case.

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