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How can I make reasonable payment arrangements on a student loan?

Centreville, VA |

My wages are being garnished for an old student loan ($500.00 a month). When I called to ask how to stop the garnishement and set up a payment plan I was advised to pay an additional $300.00 and the garnishment would continue for 8 months. They would'nt budge on this number.

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Once you become so delinquent on a student loan that they begin garnishing your wages, it can be difficult to get into their good graces & to qualify for any of the programs designed to reduce your payments.

If you feel you have exhausted all ways of dealing with them, you may wish to consider whether filing a bankruptcy could provide a way of managing this debt to make the payments more affordable. You could have up to 5 years of protection from the garnishment & establish new credibility with the lender through Chapter 13.

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The Federal Rules on student loans allow for you to get out of default.
Ask about a Reasonable and Affordable payment plan pursuant to 20 USC 1078-6 and 34 CFR 682.405.
If they will not comply, you should seek the assistance of a lawyer who knows student loan law.

Mr. Krumbein is admitted to the courts of Virginia. His advice is often based on Virginia and Federal law, however, you should consult a lawyer in your geographic area for more detailed advice.


The U.S. Department of Education website is a great resource for dealing with student loans. You can get them out of default reasonably.

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