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How can I make my landlord repair a leak in my ceiling, remove black mold that is a result of the leak, and a cockroach infestat

Orlando, FL |

I have repeatedly contact the rental office about all above issues and they have yet to resolve any of them. What can I do?

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Dear "How can I make my Landlord":

You can write and send them a seven-day letter demanding that they cure the problems.
Tell them they have seven days from receipt of the notice or you will begin withholding rent or deduct the cost of repairs that you do from the rent.
Be sure to detail the problems with specificity and also why you believe they are responsible for each item (from Florida Statutes chapter 83 or your written lease agreement).
Send the letter certified mail so you can keep track of when they receive it.
Take pictures of the problems in case this goes to court.
Good luck.
If you are unsure, see a local lawyer.


Easiest thing is to hire a lawyer to send them the appropriate 7-day statutory notice of non-compliance and take it from there.


Ms. Graham is correct. You need to follow the requirements of FL ST 83 and write a letter providing detailed descriptions of the problems which need to be addressed. In addition to sending it via certified mail I would also send it via regular mail. This is in case the landlord refuses delivery of the certified letter you can testify that the regular mail letter was not returned and therefore assumed to be delivered. When a landlord's incoming rent is threatened things start to move quickly.

The above is opinion based on very limited facts and not legal advice. This is not a substitute for a consultation with an attorney and does not constitute the establishment of an attorney/client relationship.

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