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How can I make my landlord give me my security deposit back? (Besides suing them)

Kansas City, MO |

My Landlord withheld $400 of my security deposit for “cleaning” my 1100 sq foot apartment. (This cleaning charge was not for carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning was $300 and listed separately) they also charged me $100 to replace an entire set of vertical blinds because one of the slats “was cracked” (a pack of replacement slats costs $15)

First off, I paid a professional cleaning service ($175) to clean the entire apartment right after I moved out, so the apartment was not dirty. Secondly, I don’t think it’s fair that they charged me to replace an entire set of vertical blinds because one of the slats was cracked. Also, I lived in the apartment for 4 years, isn’t a cracked slat be considered “normal wear and tear?”

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Have an attorney write a demand letter requesting the money or a clear explanation of how it was used with receipts.

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You could sue in small claims court on your own.

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Small claims court is your best option. If you took pictures of your apartment and can show how you left it and can show your cleaning service receipt, that will certainly help. If you can bring in something that shows what replacement slats cost, that would also help your claim. Bottom line is that is what small claims court is for.