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How can I make a complaint about a judge in the state of Rhode Island ?

Pawtucket, RI |

I have been fighting a violation ticket that was given to me just because I made a hand gesture to the officer. This officer sent my city police to my house to tell me that they were going to mail me a ticket -going 42 miles per hour and I almost ran over him. I was surprised to hear that so I went back by myself to ask the officer for his batch to file a complaint about him. On the court date the judge was all the time on the officers side without giving me chance to defend myself . She repeated the same thing over and over. The police officer testified that he sent my city police to my house to escort me back to the scene because he didnt have a car. When during the hearing he testified earlier that he stopped me from taking pictures to his car. This judge agreed with his lies

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I've heard they also face this type of problem in Vermont. Perhaps his documents will be of some assistance when consulting with your attorney, which I would recommend.

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