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How can I lower or eliminate my unfair SYN child support payments ?

Buffalo, NY |

My ex - wife and I split on a friendly basis , and I trusted her and her attorney to come up with a fair resolution . Our salaries are both about 50k . We share custody of our 10 and 8 year old daughters . They spend 3 nights with me , 4 with her . I pick them up at the bus stop daily by working early hours and save us both hundreds in day care expenses . She's technically the " custodial parent " as I didn't want to fight that knowing that having my kids half the time was my only priority and didn't want to ruin that . Why do I have to hand over $ 840 to her per month ? Its been 7 years and I am tired of living like a bum , while she lives like a queen and can afford yearly Euro vacations , a nice house , etc . What do I have to do to make this FULLY 50 / 50 ?

Sorry, "SYN" was supposed to read "NYS" as in New York State. Also, if it makes a difference...her attorney "forgot" to file our divorce papers, and finally says that we should be officially divorced now. After 7 years. Not sure if I can get back some of my pay due to the fact that we weren't even divorced. Not my goal, but will take what I can get.

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Unfortunately, you cannot get back what you've paid, but if the arrangement is truly unfair and contrary to the spirit of the child support laws, then you may be able to get a downward modification. You'll have to consult with a local attorney to fully review your options. Good luck!

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You are not entitled to a refund for last child support paid, whether by court order or voluntarily. Child support is based upon a formula of 25 percent for two child of the adjusted gross income. Consult with an experienced child support lawyer to help you.

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Perhaps you could try to revisit the issue in Family Court, but it would mostly depend on the original wording of your stipulation of settlement. Since you wife has the children more of the time than you do, there 's a good chance you will still have to pay child support to her.

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