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How can I legally force my alcoholic husband to leave our home?

Cameron Park, CA |

My husband of over 10 years is an alcoholic that becomes verbally abusive and aggressive to myself and my young children when drinking. I know it takes months for a divorce to go through if I choose that route. Is there anything, legally, that I can do to force him to leave our home and live elsewhere while I work through the divorce proceedings?

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Consider a domestic violence restraining order. If he has been abusive to you, you can get a move out order. That's the fastest way to get him out.


Mr. Cook is correct. You have posted this question in the criminal law domestic violence PRACTICE AREA. Pose this question in the FAMILY LAW practice area and you will receive more responses from family law practitioners. Schedule several free consultations with local family law attorneys and than pick the one you trust, like and can afford. Good Luck. Hope this helped?


Does he ever make threats to harm you or your children? Or does he act in a threatening way? If so, call 911 and report it as a crime. His actions could violate Penal Code 422 (verbal threat of harm) or P.C. 415 (disturbing the peace) at the very least. If he touches you in anger, it's domestic violence. Or, if his actions do not rise to that level, seek a Restraining Order as the other attorneys have suggested. Good luck!

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