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How can I legally evict a roommate who is not on the lease?

Washougal, WA |

I allowed a roommate to move in after her house had been foreclosed and she had no where to go ( and did not put her on the lease with me due to her bad credit from foreclosure and bankruptcy) and has since then received numerous noise complaints from the neighbors and has become hostile. I served her with a 30 day vacate notice, and since then, the police have been here twice on noise complaints and she has continued to be hostile. Although I already served her with a 30 day notice (which she has 3 weeks left), am I able to serve her a 3 day notice for causing a nuisance and not complying?

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The Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RLTA) is at RCW 59.18.
The eviction process is called an "unlawful detainer" action.
An action for "nuisance" is an entirely different action in tort.
Catholic Community Services Legal Action Center provides some assistance with Landlord/Tenant problems sometimes.

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A three day notice for nuisance is one of the more difficult ways to remove a tenant. A 3 day notice for nuisance almost requires and illegal activity defined by the Washington criminal code, or an actual arrest. That notice must be made with very specific details and very specific times. It is always highly recommended to not use a nuisance notice but instead look for another way.

An important question is whether or not she is a tenant. Does she pay rent? Is there some type of agreement that you have worked out by which she earns her keep (dishes, pays water bill, etc)?

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She does pay a portion of the bills and rent, however , she was thousands of dollars behind up until the first of may. Her name is on absolutely nothing Herr holding her responsible for anything though.

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