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How can I legally change my childrens last name if I am getting remaried?

Stanton, CA |

My e husband has been giving me a hard time about my kids for the past almost 2 1/2 yr. I am getting remarried and my fiance wants to become their legal stepfather, how can we do that legally?

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Please see my answer to your other identical question.

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Once you are married your husband will automatically become your children's "legal stepfather." I think the question you may really be asking is how can your fiance legally adopt your children and become their legal "father." If that is what you are really asking this can be done through a stepparent adoption. Your ex-husband, the father of your children, will have to agree, unless there are extenuating circumstances. There are self-help books explaining how to do a stepparent adoption. Nolo has a very easy to follow book which does just that.

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