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How can I keep some of the car insurance settlement, instead of the health insurance?

Layton, UT |

My 20 yr old daughter was in a car accident and seriously injured. She has had to have 9 surgies with more to come. We have received a settlement from both car insuarnce companies that they say is their max amount of liability, We even have two medical insurance but the primary insurance is not willing to pay any bills unless we sign over these settlements to them. I am sure my daughter is not done with medical bills and in a year she won't even be covered under our insuarance anymore. How can we keep some of this money for her?

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This is one of the many reasons why getting a personal injury lawyer is worth it (despite the high contingency fee). Without knowing more, I can't shed more light into the negotiations with a health insurance provider over a medical lien. Often time the health care provider is willing to take substantially less than the amount of their lien - prior to settlement. After settlement, however, negotiations are tougher because they have a right to that money and you do not have any leverage in negotiations.

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