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How can I keep my landlord from harassing and intimidating me, what recourse do I have?

Union, IL |

I have lived here for six months on the first of September, I always pay rent on time.The lease says I am supposed to mow the lawn, the mower is broken,they won't fix it, and they are charging me money for not mowing when they are supposed to supply the mower, and the charge was not part of the lease.Also, I told them about lead paint chipping and lead pipes on the premisis, and my kids blood lead levels while not toxic have gone up drastically. After I told them this they began showing up on the property constantly, demanding I do things around the yard that were not on the lease, and told the upstairs tenant I would be moving.This morning, after I told the woman that my sick infant was sleeping she began weedwacking outside the babys window which faces a sidewalk. Is this harassment?

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The weedwacking was not harassment.

If there is lead poisoning, report that the doctor and get the health department to do an inspection once the doctor diagnoses your child and makes the report. Submit pictures of the lead based paint chips once they have been analyzed and tested.

As regards the lawn mower, in writing demand the mower be fixed per terms of the lease so you may comply with the lease terms of mowing the lawn. State in the letter the lease provision that requires the landlord to provide a working lawn mower as his obligation.

Good luck.

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