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How can I keep a petty theft charge off my record? (I'm 18)

Houston, TX |

Hi, yesterday I was given a class c misdemeanor for petty theft of $15 merchandise. When I was caught I complied to everything and did everything the LP wanted me to do. The officer then came in a little later and said I was under arrest but i noticed he didn't tell me my Miranda rights. He issued me a citation instead of taking me to jail and I'm to figure out a time to go to a courthouse and recieve my court date. I know I'm guilty, I returned the necklace I'd taken and said nothing against me having done it. I'm just in hope that I can go to court and the judge could give me anything that will prevent this from being on my permanent record. I'm a straight A with occasional B student with no previous record of so muh as a traffic ticket. I just made one extremely stupid mistake

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You need to contact a good attorney now. A theft conviction, even as relatively minor as one in your case, will have permanent consequences that will hamper your future plans. Do not go to court without a lawyer. Do not enter a plea of guilty or no contest without first talking to a lawyer.

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