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How can I intervene in this action?

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My husband's plaintiff civil case got dismissed in circuit court. I have a stake in this case, and will be damaged by the dismissal order. I made a motion to intervene in the trial court, but the court ignored it. Apparently the jurisdiction has now been transferred to the appeal court. This was done by surprise. The case was dismissed at a hearing "on the fly", without a motion for dismissal, so I did not have a chance to intervene before the appeal court got jurisdiction. How can I intervene in this case? Can I file a motion to intervene in the appeal court?

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As great as Avvo is, your question, and a proper response to it, are way beyond the scope of this limited internet forum. If you want to continue to lose and "be damaged" by the various happenings in this case, then continue to represent yourself and ask questions on the internet. But if you want a fair chance at prevailing in this matter, then hire a lawyer to represent your interests. Like yesterday. Good luck!

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rules of civil procedure and appellate rules vary greatly by jurisdiction. Rules present a matrix requiring fairly strict compliance. No attorney can trouble shoot or point out where the case went off track without a full docket report. Obtain legal consultation immediately or sooner because appeal deadlines pass quickly and without forgiveness. Here's one possible thing that might have happened, I do not know: BLUE LINK BELOW

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