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How can I help my pregnant girlfriend stay in the US? Can she get government assistance only for the delivery?

Milford, CT |

I live in CT and my girlfriend is currently in the final stages of a divorce from her sponsor. She has her own attorney that is assisting her through the divorce and and another one that is assisting her in her waiver for her conditional residence because it was her ex spouse's fault for the divorce. He was sent to jail during the time she came to the US.

Anyways, we know that her green card is not a guarantee as she needs to prove that she entered the marriage in good faith. However, her (our) situation just got complicated. We recently found out that she is about 5 weeks pregnant with our child. We have been dating for about 3 months (obviously not a planned pregnancy). Anyways, I want to know, since now I have entered the picture, is there anything I can do to assist her in obtaining legal residence? Does her preganancy with a US citizen (me) come into play at all? And she does pay for her own health insurance but it does not cover delivery. And I can not afford an expensive hospital bill for delivery. I do not have insurance. Can we apply for Medicaid solely for her delivery and child?

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You should have this conversation with your girlfriend's attorneys. I'm sure they are competent and in a better position to properly handle this matter.

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If her conditional resident status is terminated, you could marry her and file a petition for her. Otherwise, just support her however you can. I cannot answer what public benefits she can get, she is supposed to be barred from needs based public benefit until she is a US citizen.

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I agree with my colleague. If her status was terminated, than yes you can sponsor her again.For now, support her by being there, and helping her with the baby. As for the delivery, please check with various non-profit organizations/government program.

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There are provisions in Medicaid to cover Emergencies and pregnancy is normally included. When I did Medicaid eligibility this happened all the time. As I understand it she still has permanent residency, she just has to get the conditions off. Her immigration attorney can give you better advice on this..

Medicaid for emergencies even has provisions for non citizens. Contact the Connecticut Social Services to apply.

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