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How can I help my minor child? They are in the jdc now with allegations of poss and delivery of a controled substance

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14 years old been in trouble before never in jdc, convicted of lewdency on school ground given a supervision term and successful completed and a mischief charge, given a fine. In this case he was arrested and questioned and forced to write a statement before we were ever informed he was not in poss of anything and was only allegedly making delivery according to statements written by other children without parent being present after another student was alleged with the same charges

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He needs a good experienced juvenile defense attorney. He also needs to be told to never talk to law enforcement without an attorney. In the juvi system in Texas he needs to specifically ask for an attorney. The best thing you can do to help him is get him an attorney. There are a number of really good attorney in Conroe. Good luck

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He asked for me to be contacted and was told no,that it was to bad. Thank you for your reply


Due to the complexity of the situation, you will need to hire a Juvenile Defense Attorney in Conroe in order to defend your son in court.

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You need to hire an experienced juvenile attorney. Your attorney can meet with your son in detention to prepare his defense. The first item is to have your son released from detention. Then your son’s attorney will consider filing a motion to suppress the statement given by your son. This will allow your son to tell the court about how the statement was taken and that he did not want to speak to police officers. The statement is the most important piece of evidence against your child, and only an experienced juvenile attorney can deal with a hearing to suppress a statement given by a juvenile.

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