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How can I help my husband get a bond hearing without hiring an attorney?

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I know my husband is eligible for a bond, I'm a perminate resident, his child is us citizen, my husband has a stable job which is waiting for him and the lease in the apartment we are renting is under his name along with utilities. He's also been here for over 10 yrs. I just can't afford an attorney and a cash bond. I know he will need an attoney for his hearing in May 2011 located in downtown Houston. please help I don't want him to lose his job and our home.

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Your husband, unless he is subject to "mandatory detention" for a serious criminal conviction, may request a bond hearing before an Immigration Judge.

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Not hiring an attorney in this grave situation is outright foolish. Even if you are not able to afford an attorney there are some local immigration agencies that may have pro bono options to assign an innigration attorney. Good luck.


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