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How can i help my brother inlaw stay in the usa after a drug charge he was charged with.

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my brother inlaw was arrested bye DEA and charged with 2 counts of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute Quantity 5 kilograms cocaine he has been sentance to 38 months fedral prison . Now he is about to finish his time and gets out may 30,2013 he helped DEA in other arrest he did a proffer agrement with the D.A. i need a attorny to fight his deportation and hopefully let him stay in usa after his sentance is over he did not enter usa illegaly his resident alien card expierd 9 months ago and his life has been threaten by the cartel. If there is anyone who can help with this situastion .We already have the money and his crimanal record and the entire file of what happend in the case please CALL if you yourself can help and call my number (956)521-7351 leave message if no answer.

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This is actually an immigration law question. I am moving it to that area of avvo.

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