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How can I help attest charges from medical helicopter ride?

Lordsburg, NM |

My friends are an elderly couple in NM with medical issues, she began having chest pains and called 911 out of Lordsburg, her husband, has medical issues and memory issues, and will just follow along... anyway, is not responsible for making choices ( had they had a choice) the EMS took her to the heliport then had her airlifted to the hospital which they could have had her there sooner if they would have just took her them selves. This has happened twice now and I have just become aware of what happened. They have been stuck with a huge bill that they cant pay and getting nasty collection calls. She is on constant morphine and I believe they have been taken advantage of. How can I help them attest the charges that was put on them? He is 83 and I believe she is in her 70's and they are alone and had no understanding of what this ride was going to cost them and I believe that they were taken advantage of. Thanks for the help...

All they have is each other and their home, they dont have supplementals, and they dont have nearly $90,000 dollars that they are being charged with. Thanks...

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Have a local NM lawyer negotiate it down, and get the on a payment plan they can live with.


Why would anyone want to attest to the charges? Do you mean contest the charges?

The medical transport bill should be submitted to Medicare and any supplementary coverage which they may have. Your friends also should consult with an Elder care attorney to best protect their assets.

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Thank you, yes, contest the charges, he is 83 yrs old with his own medical issues and not always coherent to make any desicions, she is in her 70 pluss yrs with lots of medications and mostly morphine. Neither one understanding what was going on, always before if she had pains, they always took her by ambulance. Now they are looking at about $90,000 for two flights @ 45,000 each. they are elderly and all they have is thier home, and had they known this outrageous bill, YOU know your self they wouldnt have took that ride. They were took advantage of by our EMS (who knows this person) and by the helicopter people, I do appreciate what ever guidence you can offer, It is just so cruel for this to happen to someone like them... Thanks

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